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AHMM transforms 1960s Old Street block The Bower using clever retrofit and extension

With the completion of The Bower a year after White Collar Factory, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris has now remade two corners of Old Street’s famous

Sériès et Sériès

Sériès et Sériès extend a 1970s office by Jean Prouvé

French architecture firm Sériès et Sériès has designed an elegant extension to this Jean Prouvé office building in Vitrolles, France, for engineering group SETEC. Sitting


Le 308 by Fabre/deMarien

Fabre/deMarien has revamped a 1930s electrical powerhouse to create a soulful HQ for two Bordeaux architecture organisations A project’s success or failure often hinges on


Old punks never die

So there you are, pootling along the streets of Battersea one morning, minding your own business, when suddenly a shock of flame-red hair shoots past



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