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Master of minimalism: Naoto Fukasawa

His products may be steeped in conceptual theory and philosophy, but prolific Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa really just wants to make people feel good  In


Natural talent: Edward Cullinan

Veteran British architect Edward Cullinan talks new modernism, egalitarianism, and why he loves wood “Architecture is the celebration of necessity. That is, you discover what

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Creative crunch: designers weigh in on the times

Kerstin Zumstein roams the streets of Milan during Design week and asks designers what they think the lasting effects of the financial crisis will be


A fine finnish

Finnish architect Jukka Halminen is refreshingly honest when quizzed on a design detail of this Helsinki office. “I don’t really remember why we used yellow,”


Candy box

Hmm, here’s a brainteaser for you. What sort of design scheme would appeal to both high-rolling property investors and people who deal in beauty products


Boxing clever

“Push the gate, go through the pink door and up the stairs,” crackles the voice on the intercom. Crunching through the deep gravel, passing the


Hope in Hull

Ten years ago, announcers on the trains pulling into the city used to say “This. Is. Hull” in such a resigned tone that visitors could


Virgin on the ridiculous

Slash has defaced Debbie Harry. Every thirtysomething male’s first crush is now sporting a daft moustache and beard because the hairy one from Guns N’


Arad Hatter

Kerstin Zumstein travels to Chalk Farm to meet design demi-god, Ron Arad. After 17 years Ron Arad is still in the same studio in Chalk


Shaping the future

Following on from our profiles of three young designers (page 68), onoffice canvassed academics’ and manufacturers’ opinions on how to take the step into the



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