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Tim Brotherton|||||||

Wieden+Kennedy by Featherstone Young

Faced with outgrowing its beloved East End office, creative agency Wieden+Kennedy opted to expand to an industrial site across the road London advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy has

Martine Hamilton Knight||||||

Architecture firm BDP’s Manchester HQ

In an attempt to reinvent itself as a less ‘corporate’ entity, architectural and engineering practice BDP has designed itself a building of two contrasting halves


From steam to green

There is arguably one thing worse than a condemned building – one that has been ignored. The condemned at least has its five minutes of

Merlin Studio

Wax lyrical

It’s not every day a girl finds herself alone in a room with Mr Brad Pitt. Add Johnny Depp, Boris Becker and Robbie Williams lounging


Bright Ideas

Bosch & Fjord’s radical, colour-fuelled makeover of Lego’s Development Centre in Denmark has created an appropriate springboard for creative thinking. LEGO DEVELOPMENT CENTRE ARCHITECT: BOSCH



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