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The Audo: A look inside the hybrid space designed by Norm Architects

The Audo – Menu’s hybrid space for work, play, eat and sleep in Copenhagen – creates a design-led experience that you can even bring home


Can co-working spaces save retail?

If leisure can rescue retail, then bizarrely leisure’s polar opposite – work – could also be a saviour. Shopping is so old hat – bricks-and-mortar


How make-shift solutions are reshaping our future

Tom Lloyd, of London-based design firm PearsonLloyd, on the act of making The act of making binds together all cultures and all peoples across all

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Will coronavirus change the way we think about modern offices for good?

As coronavirus impacts our regular working lives for the foreseeable future, might this be the point that companies are forced to examine not just the

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Nagami Design 3D prints protective masks to help combat COVID-19 spread

Nagami Design, the Spanish design brand specialising in 3D robotic printing, is supporting the production of personal protection masks for local and global medical staff


At home with Poliform

As our #DesignTogether campaign continues to unite and support the A&D industry during the COVID-19 crisis, creatives, from designers to architects to PRs, have shown


Pallavi Dean on remote working and the future of office design

There is a sense of solidarity in the industry, but it’s something that is happening informally, through phone calls and messages – not some grand

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The future of work: Here’s why agile working might be the new norm

With countries going into lockdown one by one in response to the rapid spread of COVID‐19, businesses are having to juggle protecting employees and broader


3 self-care tips for working during the COVID-19 pandemic

A healthy working life can keep you grounded in these tumultuous times Once the initial IT headaches have passed and you’re used to communicating over apps,


#DesignTogether unites the industry amid COVID-19

At a time when supermarket shelves are empty, events are being postponed and the world is experiencing varying levels of uncertainty, there can be some



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