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Feel Good Friday: The impact of prioritising our wellbeing on our creativity

How taking the time to focus on your wellbeing can positively impact your creativity. If you do a search for wellbeing and creativity, you will


Escaping the toxic workplace and designing a sustainable creative industry

The creative industry doesn’t have a particularly stellar reputation when it comes to sustainable working practices, especially in the traditional agency world. The industry is

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The most successful businesses understand ideas come from everyone

Katrina Larkin, co-founder of Fora, says agile working and a creative culture lead to innovation and new solutions This year’s most successful companies run on


The Agora brings a touch of James Bond to your weekly brainstorm meet. Kelp tea shaken, not stirred

The Hilton London Bankside hotel has just opened a new meeting room that aims to be the world’s best, no less. And we think it’s


6 ways to get employees thinking outside the box

Employees in the UK report being able to work creatively less frequently than those in other leading economies, according to new research from Steelcase, which


Leo Burnett HQ by Ministry of Design

Advertising giants Leo Burnett’s jazzy new office by Ministry of Design falls somewhere between office and modern art gallery “Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what



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