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5 ways to work well from home and manage your time more effectively

OnOffice shares five simple tips for staying productive while working from home As the Covid-19 pandemic has germinated across the planet in the last year,

round pink office place entry chair with hygiene screens -

Blå Station introduces hygiene screens into its modular seating

These new BOB-19 screens bring social distancing to seating in lobbies and communal work spaces. Communal seating in the style of Blå Station’s BOB has


Vitra launches new Dancing Office furniture system

Choreography isn’t necessarily a metaphor you’d imagine applied to the contemporary office, but Swiss manufacturer Vitra has unveiled a new concept, inspired by free movement


Not all short-term pandemic office solutions will lead to long-term changes

There are so many factors which influence trends in workspace design and workplace culture, so planning for life after Covid-19 is no easy task for


A return to work for co-working spaces

The rise of co-working spaces was accelerated by the recession of 2008, a time when many people were forced to find work, downsize companies, freelance


Design District project to offer On/Off office leasing in response to COVID-19

With expectation and demand for physical office space changing in the course of just a few months, many office providers are going to need to


Physical office space is indispensible, concludes survey

The death of the office may have been a short-lived and heavily rebutted theory to come from the coronavirus outbreak, but there are plenty of


Agile working boxes: a post COVID necessity?

The lack of ownership of space in the agile working or hot desking workplace is both a strength and a flaw. On one side of


Sick day presenteeism ‘will be considered unacceptable’ in the future, says Vitra

The return to the office is focus point for many businesses at present, but it’s also a side effect of the coronavirus outbreak that will


Unispace’s Propeller concept marries office and home-working

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to take the leap in experimenting with working from home and, in general, the experiment has been seen as



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