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Plants grow from fractured concrete at dessert restaurant in Shanghai

Zhe Tian offers a contemporary culinary experience for its guests, both in its sweet plates and its thought-provoking design Located in Shanghai’s historic Former French

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Studio Zhu-Pei complete fortress-like cultural centre

Studio Zhu-Pei has completed work on the Shou County Culture and Art Center, in China’s Anhui Province. The centre has a playful variation in windows

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70 St Mary Axe office building by London-based Foggo Associates opens

The acquisition of the rare rectangular site at the heart of London inspired designer Foggo Associates and developer Nuveen Real Estate to rebel with their

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Healthy building: Why do we treat our food better than our own health?

At this time of year, many of us suffer with allergies. But, according to Allergy UK, over 9,000 deaths in the UK each year are


CitizenM’s Bowery branch provides pared-down luxury

As you enter the building, the immediate impression is of a flamboyant, busy interior. In the common areas, the message is more is more. As


CitizenM hotel by Concrete

CitizenM’s Tower Hill hotel is the brand’s exciting new flagship. It’s the epitome of the unique, lifestyle experience promised by the innovative hospitality brand and


What we can learn from Foster’s ‘vertical desert’

On the first day of the Milan Expo, a tombstone-grey sky pelted visitors with rain. At the UAE pavilion, men paired traditional white dishdasha and


G-Star Raw’s HQ by OMA

Dutch fashion label G-Star Raw‘s new HQ in Amsterdam makes no bones about the fact that it’s the architectural embodiment of the brand, renowned for rugged


Solid by Magnus Petterson

London-based Norwegian designer Magnus Petterson has created these concrete desk accessories that could probably double as paper weights. Called Solid, the collection is hand cast


PostPanic HQ by Maurice Mentjens Design

A young animation and production house in the Netherlands gets the wow factor on a shoestring Generally speaking, an inspired designer + low budgets +



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