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Vitra launches new Dancing Office furniture system

Choreography isn’t necessarily a metaphor you’d imagine applied to the contemporary office, but Swiss manufacturer Vitra has unveiled a new concept, inspired by free movement


Bene’s new PORTS concept dismantles furniture hierarchies in the office

Office furniture has, for a long time, been subject to an aesthetic power structure, communicating the perceived status of employee using it. However, the corner

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Yushi Uehara’s Shaken Office

Concern for the user and a building the viewer will look beyond rather than at, inspired Zerodegree’s Shaken Office development in Groningen Yushi Uehara has


Full circle

The architect behind this elliptical masterpiece is surprisingly frank about the complexities of the project, particularly the construction phase. “It was a nightmare,” laughs Stefan


Work’s like a dream

Altrincham in Cheshire is the first beneficiary of a new high-quality office concept aimed at small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Dubbed MyBüro, it is the


Austrian aspirations

Austrian design is like a good red wine,” says Christian Horner, of design duo Soda. Indeed, like a good bottle of Kerschbaum, it has severity,

Private Members Work Club

Working clubs and rock ‘n’ roll

When you hear the names Nick Mason, Mike Rutherford or Genesis, you think drummers, bands and rock ’n’ roll. Turns out you might as well


Labour of love

We got up close and personal with Parisian designer Edouard François for the launch of his pioneering – and rather cosy – Love Table workstation

London Bridge

No 1 LONDON Bridge

How can workplace design encourage children to express their feelings? What kind of environment will inspire them to engage in fruitful conversations with adults By



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