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Unispace’s Propeller concept marries office and home-working

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to take the leap in experimenting with working from home and, in general, the experiment has been seen as

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One Year In: Inside Fuse, the innovation hub of law firm Allen & Overy

Jump Studios designed a collaborative new space for Fuse, the tech innovation project within law firm Allen & Overy. We find out how it’s working,

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Canada’s Lift & Co gets a colourful new office in a former Church of Scientology building

Canada’s Lift & Co, a cannabis research firm, get a new, colourful office space in a former office of the Church of Scientology When Canada


How office design opened corporate doors to collaborative innovation

It’s not just what’s inside the office that counts – a growing workforce expects their workspace to encourage collaboration outside its walls, writes Jeremy Myerson Workplace design


Switched-on Scandinavians

“We go to work to meet people and share ideas, not to sit at a computer,” says Henrik Clausen, head of research with the Lighting


Tom Vecchione

Hierarchy is dying at work and Tom Vecchione, director of workplace strategy for Gensler Design and Planning, sees architects and interior designers working much more



Even on a distinctly damp evening in Islington, the passion that CuldeSac displays for its home country and how it informs the studio’s design philosophy



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