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Blue Bottle Coffee Yokohama retails its bespoke, Norm Architects-designed furniture

Custom wood seating created for this Japanese branch of the specialty café will also be retailed through the brand’s website Located at the heart of


Ferrum’s break room captures the company’s industrial spirit

Capturing the essence of a company in the office interior design can be challenging depending on the subject matter, but for their work for Swiss-based


How Atticus Durnell turns waste coffee grounds into furniture

Most people don’t give a second thought to the waste created by their daily caffeine fix, but not industrial designer Atticus Durnell. He has cleverly


Nine in ten UK employees work harder because of good coffee

If you rely on a strong cup of coffee on the morning to get you going in the office, you are not alone. Up to


A Box with a Soft Centre

Walker & Martin’s headquarters for British car-leasing company Lex is a refurbished building in Stockport that celebrates interaction in the workplace, and it’s making people



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