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Alexander van Berge|Alexander van Berge|Alexander van Berge||

Rabobank by Sander Architecten

You could say that using cardboard for the interior of a European financial services institution befits the times. It’s a bold move by Sander Architecten,

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Bearstech Parisian HQ by Paul Coudamy

Internet-hosting firm Bearstech needed a rugged answer to their workplace in Paris Bears live in caves. So now Bearstech, an internet-hosting firm in Paris, will


Nothing HQ by Alrik Koudenburg

An Amsterdam advertising firm is given the cardboard treatment It would be an understatement to say that cardboard is the material of the moment. It


Recession renaissance

Recession times are here again and our always innovative designers are dripping in new found austerity chic. onoffice profiles the most innovative resued and recycled



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