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Moca Arquitetura pairs green and pink for office in Curitiba

The new workspace for product design agency Mad Creative in southern Brazil unites an explosion of colours and textures For Mad Creative’s new 200 sq


Greening Rio de Janeiro

The Porto Maravilha region of downtown Rio de Janeiro is a hotbed of new development with over five million square metres of space being revitalised


Animator-turned-designer Paulo Goldstein

Animator-turned-designer Paulo Goldstein repairs broken objects to express the socio-economic effects of the financial crisis. onoffice caught up with the young Brazilian at his exhibition

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Walmart, São Paulo by Estudio Guto Requena

Estudio Guto Requena has taken inspiration from Brazilian culture for Wallmart’s São Paulo HQ Tech start-ups with the cool factor turned up to 11 are


School/SS99’s São Paulo offices

School/SS99 has created a new HQ inspired by Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 1999 collection. Stepping from a bustling São Paulo street through the leafy trellis archway


Office design in Mexico, Brazil and Chile

It’s a mighty hulk of a region and home to countless talented architects, so it is no surprise that this part of the world is



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