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Why purpose is key to successful businesses – and how you can find it

Norwegian design agency Mission has just unveiled its latest tome titled Point of Purpose: How purposeful brands attract top employees, seduce customers and fuel profit, catered to


The School of Life reveals the 20 soft skills you need to succeed at work

In recent years, business books have become an industry all of their own. Amazon lists over 80,000 titles on the subject. You can choose between mastering

Arif Riyanto|||

Five prize-winning books about work that offer a new perspective

An emerging genre of fiction in France is providing an unlikely brand of escapism. Growing numbers of French writers are choosing work as their subject


One for the books

Workplace design firm AOS Studley has created a new space for the Penguin Group, with a potentially controversial move from publishing’s traditional, hierarchical offices to


Jeremy Myerson

As the ageing workforce becomes more demanding, and the nature of work itself changes, workplace design expert Jeremy Myerson sees the sharp division between home



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