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The Bleisure principle: CASE by Studioquint

From socialising with workmates of an evening in the pub to the blinking of a BlackBerry on a bedside table, the boundaries between work and


Leo Burnett HQ by Ministry of Design

Advertising giants Leo Burnett’s jazzy new office by Ministry of Design falls somewhere between office and modern art gallery “Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what


Dutch creative agency Gummo’s offices by i29

Need a stylish look for a temporary workspace on the cheap? Spray it black It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do. Just ask


Object of desire

Nestled in the French countryside just outside of Paris is an elegant and somewhat alien black ‘object’, newly constructed by LAN Architecture as a headquarters


Shh don’t tell…

In these trying financial times, a bit of prudence doesn’t go amiss. Likewise, in the current climate, if a company is hurling stacks of cash


Fashion statement

Fashion may come and go, but if you have got the basics right, then you are set for life. For the new headquarters of Swedish


Centre of attention

The first rule of the new VIP-centre at Schiphol Airport is that strictly no celebrities are allowed. While this no-nonsense attitude might apply to the

Michel Mossessian

Red alert

If I saw Michel Mossessian pop up on Match of the Day, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. He has the air of a Continental


Spruce it up

Words by Jane Crittenden Brighton-based design consultancy Platform fitted out the city’s first all-male grooming salon, creating an enticing, cutting-edge environment that avoids associations of



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