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Open Society Foundations’ new workspace focuses on a holistic approach to wellbeing

tp bennett injects character into the organisation’s London office Combine muted tones and ambient lighting with biophilic design and you’d be transported to Open Society

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The new green age of workplace design

Environmental concerns are now dominating the business agenda for real estate. Investors, occupiers and developers are all increasingly making sustainability and ESG top priorities. In

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Why Australian office design is ahead of the curve on health and wellbeing

What designers can learn from getting an international perspective on design. Having worked in office design across the globe including Asia, the Middle East and


Why blue space is the new biophilia in office design

‘Biophilia’ aka ‘green space’, has been a buzzword in the office design sphere over the last few years. However, the provision of ‘blue space’ –

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Why having plants in the workspace is great for improving mood

It’s proven that more time spent in nature has major benefits, from productivity to mental wellbeing. Unfortunately for most of us, the spaces we inhabit,

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Living walls: Growing a greener nine to five

Biophilic design plays on the inherent human need to be connected to nature, with plants and natural resources proven to have a positive impact on

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Climate change means green offices need to become the norm

Priorities in workplace design can sometimes get misplaced. How else can we explain why sustainability has almost fallen off the corporate workplace radar in recent

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Canada’s Lift & Co gets a colourful new office in a former Church of Scientology building

Canada’s Lift & Co, a cannabis research firm, get a new, colourful office space in a former office of the Church of Scientology When Canada

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Six ideas for biophilic design in the office that go beyond indoor plants

Even in a highly connected, 24/7 culture, most office workers spend more time at their desk or workstation than they do in bed. That was

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The thing that makes people happiest at work might surprise you

With studies showing that happier employees are more productive employees, it’s not surprising that many companies are looking for ways to help alleviate workplace stresses



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