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The XYZ Lounge is pretty in pink

The XYZ Lounge, designed by French-Portuguese architect Didier Fiúza Faustino in the guise of his Paris practice Didier Faustino, is a newly completed site for


Biennale Interieur

The 25th edition of the Biennale Interieur kicked off in Kortrijk, Belgium, last week. Alongside an extensive display of furniture and products, the cultural programme


On the radar: Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz

The Belgian designer’s new hybrid office chair continues a steady history of creating playful, characterful products that are nonetheless built to last, and brilliantly functional


Alain Gilles: creating a buzz

Best known as the creator of cheery acoustic products for BuzziSpace – but he’s also unusual among his peers for having actually worked in an


Cycle desks to become the next health craze?

Following the popularity of standing desks and the hilarity of treadmill desks, WeWATT has come up with a desk/exercise bicycle hybrid, allowing people to pedal

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Hasselt Court of Justice by J Mayer H

Inspired by the shape of a hazelnut tree, and imbued with a little 1970s swagger, Hasselt’s Court of Justice cuts a distinctive dash The distinctive

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Pinkeye Studio’s converted Antwerp warehouse

Pinkeye Studio used unfinished materials, bold graphics and ambient lighting for its Antwerp office. Pinkeye Studio is a multi-disciplinary agency in Antwerp, Belgium, made up



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