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Light and creativity fill Fuego Camina Conmigo’s new space in Barcelona

Living firmly outside its comfort zone, Fuego Camina Conmigo’s ethos is reflected in its bright new office design When asked what their comfort zone is,

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nanimarquina reveals expanded studio in Barcelona designed by Stefano Colli

The 130 sq m design studio adds additional space within nanimarquina’s light-filled office Famed Spanish rug company nanimarquina opened its offices in Barcelona’s bohemian Gràcia

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Catalan cool: Design and art are the stars at Sir Victor hotel in Barcelona

Nestled in Barcelona’s bustling and majestic Passeig de Gràcia, home to some of the city’s finest modernista architecture, Sir Victor hotel is the Catalonian capital’s latest stylish addition.


Typeform office, Barcelona: ‘If it resembles an office, we’ve utterly failed’

Lagranja Design Studio’s latest project is a new headquarters in Barcelona for rapidly-growing tech start-up Typeform. To suit the company’s informal ethos, the Spanish practice


Q&A with Javier Mariscal

Since the early 1980s, Spanish designer Javier Mariscal has been known for his expressive flair for colour, movement and personality. onoffice caught up with him

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Barcelona bank by Isabel Lopez

“This is not like a conventional office like Sevil Peach’s Vitra office, where it is all open. The client wanted individual rooms,” says Marta Alonso,


Media-TIC building by Cloud 9

Cloud 9 turned to digital design to create a high-tech flagship building in Barcelona’s technological district Sustainable architecture tends to come in two guises. The


No Socks, Please, it’s Spanish

Kerstin Zumstein enters the bespoke world of Alberto Lievore, Alberto Lievore has all his shirts and trousers made to measure “by a little Spanish tailor”.



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