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Takuji Shimmura, © Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés|||

New Banque de France building is a wealth of delights

The new site of the Banque de France Paris was unveiled last month as part of the ongoing Grand Paris project, developing and extending the


Currency in Circulation: Perkins+Will upgrades the Bank of Canada building

Established in 1935, the Bank of Canada moved into its permanent headquarters – a late neoclassical granite building in Ottawa’s institutional quarter – in 1937.


TP Bennett’s London HQ for Swiss bank UBS delivers new way of working

When banking and financial services group UBS occupied its new London headquarters last autumn, the process wasn’t so much an office move but a full-scale migration, with


Bank on it

Previously spread across five different offices around Copenhagen, the internet bank’s 750 employees can now bond and bask in their 3XN-designed surroundings in the city’s


Art in the workplace

Words by Frederika Whitehead Frederika Whitehead talks to representatives from companies that are leading the way in sponsoring the arts and asks, what’s in it



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