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Snøhetta completes verdant, timber office project in Austria

The open-plan workspace for adventure travel company ASI Reisen prioritises sustainability and wellbeing Architecture and design practice Snøhetta has completed a new sustainable office building

Paul Ott|||

The prize-winning C&P HQ is a cool, clever cube

Last month’s World Architecture Festival awards was another line up of gorgeous new buildings; everything from a cinema in Galway to a Shanghai shopping centre


AllesWirdGut deftly redesigns Austria’s permanent representation in Brussels

Vienna and Munich-based architecture firm AllesWirdGut has unveiled a full redesign of the Permanent Austrian Representation in Brussels, in the Belgian capital’s EU quarter. Adjacent

Eduard Hueber|Eduard Hueber|Eduard Hueber|Eduard Hueber|Eduard Hueber|Eduard Hueber|Eduard Hueber||

Be Baumschlager Eberle’s 2226 building

Austrian practice Be Baumschlager Eberle set itself an admirable challenge with its new, six-storey office block, which goes by the intriguing, unusually abstract name of

Paul Ott/ Christian Dusek|Paul Ott/ Christian Dusek|Paul Ott/ Christian Dusek|Paul Ott/ Christian Dusek||

Microsoft offices by Innocad Architektur

Four years ago, Microsoft unveiled a pioneering Sevil Peach design for its Netherlands office, inspired by the emerging concept of “activity-based working”. In the service

Andreas Buchberger|Andreas Buchberger|Andreas Buchberger|Andreas Buchberger||

Golden cubes in Graz

Graz is Austria’s second largest city and one of two distinct halves. The river Mur, which flows through its centre on its way down to

Anna Stocher and Bene|Anna Stocher and Bene||||||||

Bene’s Vienna HQ by RATAPLAN-Architektur ZT GmbH

The ancient city of Vienna has been at the centre of some of the greatest political upheavals in European history. Once home to the Hapsburg


Austrian aspirations

Austrian design is like a good red wine,” says Christian Horner, of design duo Soda. Indeed, like a good bottle of Kerschbaum, it has severity,



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