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Highgate Junior School

Highgate Junior School has welcomed pupils to the same site in London’s Highgate village since 1938. But, after recognising the need for improved visual appeal


An architype for straw-clad, low-carbon buildings at Uni of East Anglia

A building with straw-covered walls might sound like something from the tale of the three little pigs, but The Enterprise Centre at the University of


Passivhaus building for council archives

Archives have conflicting requirements, needing to balance the climatic needs of both people and objects. Architype’s Passivhaus building for Herefordshire Council splits them up Herefordshire


The barn and the cowshed

Words by Kerstin Zumstein British architecture practice Architype has designed its own workplace by reviving a derelict barn near Hereford into a modern, bona fide



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