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Open House launches new film series touring London’s most interesting architecture

The festival has added a film series to its public tour schedule in the face of the ongoing pandemic Usually, during London’s annual Open House


Graphic design studio thonik unveils its first work of architecture in Amsterdam

The bold office is a celebration of thonik’s community-minded ethos Dutch Graphic design practice thonik has just opened the doors to its newly self-designed and


Inside CPMG Architects’ vision for the British Sugar office

Located in Peterborough, British Sugar’s HQ acts as a central hub for the homegrown sugar producers four beet processing plants in the East of England,

Yukata Yamamoto

Get a look inside skincare brand Aesop in its new book

Established in 1987, Aesop’s beginnings might be firmly rooted in Melbourne, but the now globally renowned skincare behemoth has now made the world its canvas.


Why timber shouldn’t be overlooked as a building material

With the 200-year anniversary of the end of the Industrial Revolution on the horizon, we are reminded that mass production of steelwork that once transformed


How make-shift solutions are reshaping our future

The act of making binds together all cultures and all peoples across all time. Making fire, making bread, making tools, making homes – making describes

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Puri Lighting create a Malevich-inspired fantasia of reflecting lights

Puri Lighting Design has transformed a spare modernist building into an illusionistic fantasia. Heze Guanzgzhou Road No.1, in the eastern Chinese city of Heze, is

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Stanton Williams associate Kalpesh Intwala discusses the art of research centre design

OnOffice: Please tell me how Stanton Williams came to design the Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children. Kalpesh Intwala: Stanton Williams appointed

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The future of work: Here’s why agile working might be the new norm

With countries going into lockdown one by one in response to the rapid spread of COVID‐19, businesses are having to juggle protecting employees and broader

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Ste. Marie’s Onni Group HQ prioritises movement and flexibility

The Vancouver-based design studio and creative consultancy Ste. Marie has completed work on the headquarters of the real estate developers Onni Group. The Onni HQ,



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