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Stand-up meeting or seated conference: The desk range designed for both

With the benefits of active working now well established, furniture in the office is becoming more flexible. Standing desks are becoming a common sight in


Grant Gibson looks back at Emeco’s 20-06 chair by Foster + Partners

Ostensibly this column is about the 20-06 chair designed for Emeco by Foster + Partners, which featured in the first-ever issue of this magazine. But


Swedbank HQ with 3XN’s statement staircases

Staircases, says Kim Herforth Nielsen of Danish architect 3XN, are the practice’s statement pieces, and the dramatic spiral examples – there are two – in

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The Global Change Institute by Hassell

The University of Queensland’s climate-change research institute is based in an ultra-sustainable home, naturally “It is very rare that you get a brief from a

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A-Lab’s super stack for Statoil

To quote that singular thespian of our times, Keanu Reeves, “Whoa!” Ordinarily, it’s skyscrapers that stupefy, at least in the workplace design world, but A-Lab’s

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National Archives of France by Studio Fuksas

In Futurama, the quirky sci-fi animation sitcom dreamt up by Simpsons creator Matt Groening, the series protagonist visits an imperious Speerian building – the Mars

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Hillcrest green digs by Nicoll Russell Studios

When Hillcrest Housing Association first floated the idea of a new company HQ, its aspirations were by no means run-of-the-mill. Indeed, the brief that they

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Trumpf factory by Barkow Leibinger

Most workplaces try to impress from the front, prioritising receptions and client-facing areas – but machine tools producer Trumpf’s recent factory extension in Hettingen, Germany,


UK’s most striking cladding

From primary-coloured facades and walls with eyes in the heart of London to the pigeon-repelling surface of a “jewellery box” building in Birmingham, we discover


Otto Block HQ by Gnädinger Architekten

Gnädinger Architekten has put its stamp on Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz with a futuristic cube for prosthetic limb developer Otto Bock  Since Berlin’s reunification, the development



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