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Flat Move enables new ways of flexible space planning

The partitions are the result of a collaboration between design firm Habitat Matter and Artis and aim to redefine our flexible workplace The workplace of

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Kauppi & Kauppi designs collection of acoustic meeting pods for Glimakra of Sweden

The Malmö-based design studio found its inspiration for BuildUp Pods & Pavilions in nature BuildUp Pods & Pavilions is a new collection of acoustic meeting

Kettal, Pavilion O, workspace design, workplaces, OnOffice magazine

Kettal presents Pavilion O to solve post-pandemic office needs

The modular structure is designed for the ever-changing workplace Spanish furniture company Kettal has just released its Pavilion O collection, an agile and modular structure


Agile working boxes: a post COVID necessity?

The lack of ownership of space in the agile working or hot desking workplace is both a strength and a flaw. On one side of

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Home offices: Designing clever, designing better

While agile working and its benefits were part of the norm for most office‐based businesses pre‐Covid, no one expected a pandemic to come along and

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The future of work: Here’s why agile working might be the new norm

With countries going into lockdown one by one in response to the rapid spread of COVID‐19, businesses are having to juggle protecting employees and broader


Five storage ideas for your home office

As well as making you more organised and efficient, the right storage spaces can make your office appear clutter-free and attractive. Here are five storage



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