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Five storage ideas for your home office

As well as making you more organised and efficient, the right storage spaces can make your office appear clutter-free and attractive. Here are five storage

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“Agile working reflects my personality”: a conversation with the innovator behind Hotbox Storage

On a break with… Jamie Rothwell, the managing director of office storage innovator Hotbox In a new online series, we interview designers, strategists and other


Seizing the benefits of agile working, without the negative side effects

Agile working, hot-desking, activity-based working… It’s no longer the future of workstations; for more and more people it’s today’s workplace reality. But besides the company


Inside OnOffice May: The Modern Issue

The word “modern” finds its origin from the Latin modo meaning “just now”. In Shakespearean plays, it conveyed the “every-day, ordinary, commonplace”, and by 1808

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The most successful businesses understand ideas come from everyone

Katrina Larkin, co-founder of Fora, says agile working and a creative culture lead to innovation and new solutions This year’s most successful companies run on


How office design opened corporate doors to collaborative innovation

It’s not just what’s inside the office that counts – a growing workforce expects their workspace to encourage collaboration outside its walls, writes Jeremy Myerson Workplace design



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