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BuzziSpace holds special charity auction spotlighting limited edition pieces BuzziCee and BuzziShade XXL

Highlighting its latest acoustic seating element and lighting solution, BuzziSpace has created a hand-dyed collection to auction off for charity Since its inception in 2007,

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The Collective introduces full height interior wall cladding solution Swell

Swell is a lightweight, acoustic wall cladding solution offering a unique design solution for offices, coworking spaces, restaurants and more Kent-based agency The Collective, founded


The new Hush Clad Acoustic Panels by 3form Elements improve collaboration in shared spaces

These sustainable and acoustic panels absorb sound in style As the world embraces an increasingly hybrid workplace, 3form Elements has introduced a new range of


Get cosy in Kokoro, a modular system for any environment

Manerba’s Kokoro system fuses acoustic privacy with minimalist aesthetics Designed by Federica Biasi, the Kokoro system by Manerba of alcoves, sofas, tables and coffee tables


How to combine quiet spaces and biophilia in the office

Biophilia – the relationship between humans and nature – is a big buzzword in office design. Coined in the 1980s by Edward O. Wilson, it suggests


Q&A: Nordgröna on designing with living reindeer moss

Run us through how you first discovered reindeer moss and its ability to absorb water. Did you have any previous knowledge of its abilities? Or


Satellite wall panels

Spanish company STUA has introduced new pebble-shaped acoustic wall panels by Jon Gasca. The decorative noise reduction system, called Satellite, comes in four different shapes



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