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21 Nov 2019

How height adjustable desks can transform your office

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Find out how height adjustable desks can transform your office

The very best office furniture combines function and form with style. However, the latest developments in desks means that workplace furniture can also help enhance wellbeing, as well as productivity. We take a look at a new range of electronically height-adjustable desks and assess the impact they can make.

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Ergonomic desks

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One of the main benefits of an ergonomic desk is that it helps to reduce the amount of tension your body is under when it's stuck in the same position for most of the day. Repeated studies have shown that people who sit at a desk or in a chair for a long time put their body – in particular the back – under significant strain.

Back pain is one of the main side effects of this, leading to a drop in productivity and a rise in incidences of sick leave – musculoskeletal problems are one of the biggest causes of workplace absence in the UK. One of the best ways to combat this is to use an intelligently designed height adjustable desk – also known as a sit-stand desk.

Why sit and stand?

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Alternating sitting and standing at work cuts the amount of pressure put on the body by staying in one position for too long. It keeps the body active – as well as the mind – and gives workplaces flexibility.

Bene has developed the LEVEL LIFT range for just this purpose. The desks in this collection can be electronically adjusted from 64cm up to 130cm using a handset (and there’s also a Bluetooth option). Michael Fried, Bene’s managing director for sales, marketing and innovation, says that, “for anyone who uses the office for long, focused work needs a space that conveys clarity and concentrates on the essentials and a worktable adapted to his/her needs to protect against damage to health.”

The LEVEL LIFT range

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Having desks that are easily adjustable is a cost-effective way to put wellness at the heart of your workplace as it means you don’t have to buy a mixture of sit-down and stand-up desks. These do both.

Bene’s LEVEL LIFT series is designed for optimum ergonomic flexibility with the option of a C- or T-Leg and with desk surfaces available in an array of colour and material options. Desks can also be fitted with enhanced collision protection.

The series includes a pared back entry level model, the LEVEL LIFT PURE, as well as the LEVEL LIFT PRO, a stylish option that comes with high-quality, rounded die cast legs and a black Fenix table-top, for an elegant and understated look.

Finally, there is the LEVEL LIFT TWIN that supports two independently height-adjustable tabletops, with central cabling. By combining two existing single-person LEVEL LIFT desks, a twin configuration can be quickly and easily achieved with a few adaptations, or specified ready-made.

Find out more about LEVEL LIFT and how these desks can help boost your workplace wellness and delight your team.

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