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18 Sep 2019

Quality water provision with peace of mind for office managers nationwide

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From responsive lighting and interactive break rooms to instant filtered drinking water systems, modern offices are full of mod-cons designed to make employees' work-life as comfortable and convenient as possible. This in turn means that stress-free maintenance and quick response service times are high on the list of priorities for busy office managers who could easily find themselves overwhelmed with the upkeep.

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A recent survey by Zip Water UK, creators of advanced drinking water systems, found that a whopping 67% of facilities managers in the UK regard quality of service the most important consideration when choosing a product for the workplace. It shouldn't come as a surprise, as regular servicing and quick-response maintenance plays a crucial role in reducing any downtime of essential products, and can also be integral to meeting workplace regulations and legal requirements.

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In accordance with the UK Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations of 1992 (regulation 22) easily accessible, wholesome drinking water provision is legally required in all office environments. On top of this, hydration levels have been shown to have an impact on staff productivity and studies have shown poor hydration can affect cognitive function, cause negative moods, fatigue and reduce alertness. One study has shown that a mere one percent drop in hydration could lead to a 12 percent drop in productivity.


This just goes to show how downtime in a drinking water system can have a detrimental impact on the wellbeing of staff and the quality of work. No matter the size of the office or number of employees, it is imperative that office managers know products are going to work efficiently in a demanding environment and, if needed, be fixed quickly.


That’s where Zip Water aims to be a market leader. Zip is the manufacturer of innovative, premium drinking water solutions – such as the HydroTap and HydroChill – and understands that easy and efficient service is essential to keep an office running smoothly.


Zip offers dedicated, expert aftercare support from the point of installation. Its HydroCare service plans have been designed to ensure stress-free maintenance and are tailored to meet client’s exact needs, ensuring that products not only perform to the best of their ability but also stand the test of time.

Leading flexible office provider, The Office Group (TOG), has HydroCare service plans for all 27 of its buildings – that each house up to 13 HydroTaps – so the Zip team can respond quickly. TOG’s Piero Catania commented, “It's necessary to have this in place considering how many teas and coffees the taps produce…there would be uproar if they were out of use.” It is thanks to HydroCare that TOG benefits from this priority service, as well as regular product inspections and filter changes to ensure all Zip systems remain in the best condition.onOffice spoke to Zip’s field service director, Alex Maynard, to learn more about the benefits of HydroCare.

Zip’s field service director, Alex Maynard, explains the benefits of HydroCare.

How does HydroCare benefit offices?

It is important that drinking water systems are regularly serviced to stay in the best possible working order. Our flexible HydroCare service plans will ensure reliable, pure tasting water for the lifetime of your Zip products.

What services does HydroCare include?

HydroCare is a flexible way to care for your Zip product, and means we do all the hard work. The service plans include filter replacements, sanitisation, parts and labour, unlimited call-outs, an annual inspection, pre-scheduled planned services, extended warranty and priority response. On top of this, HydroCare Plus offers tailored limescale management, a particularly important element if the office is in areas where water quality is a concern.

Who carries out the servicing?

We have a fleet of over 90 fully trained, directly employed engineers across the UK and Ireland. We have the largest support network in the industry, meaning we are able to offer flexible appointment times and respond quickly to customer requirements.

Is HydroCare suitable for high volume usage in large commercial offices?

We can tailor our HydroCare service plans to meet all requirements, so if there are specific needs, such as servicing for high volume use or multiple drinking water systems – or even servicing non-Zip products – speak to us. Whatever the needs are, we can arrange a HydroCare plan to meet them.

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