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21 Mar 2019

Advanced ergonomics meets technology in Comfort Seating’s newest product

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Comfort Seating UK reveal the latest addition to the ergonomic range ahead of Clerkenwell Design Week

It’s well known that sitting for long periods of time on a chair that is not comfortable, can lead to back pain and health problems.

According to the UK government's Health and Safety Executive, 6.6 million working days were lost due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in 2016-2017. Over half a million workers suffered with musculoskeletal issues and 83% of those were back and neck related. It’s likely that many were caused by inappropriate office set-ups, whether it was the wrong chair, desk height or screen height.

Comfort Seating UK offers a solution to this problem with an innovative range of ergonomic task chairs, including the renowned Ergohuman Chair. The brand's products are designed to be tailored to the individual through the use of smart design and engineering, plus technology such as the patented single lever mechanism. The lever is intuitive to use and offers three simple adjustments from one location, making it easier to get the optimal chair alignment.

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Adding to the already well established ergonomic range, Comfort Seating is set to preview a new product at Clerkenwell Design Week in May this year. The new chair will have all the high-quality ergonomic design elements of its other chairs, but also includes an app that will help the user set up the chair to their unique proportions. The design is ideal for agile working environments where hot-desking can mean several people sit on the same chair throughout the week.

The new product will be available to view in the brand's London showroom at The Gallery, Clerkenwell during Clerkenwell Design Week. Visitors can also arrange a time to drop in to the showroom to view Comfort’s range of ergonomic seating.

For more information, or to arrange a visit to their London showroom, please contact or visit the website.

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