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21 Mar 2019

Reducing the clutter of lighting to create beautiful ceilings

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As any designer knows, when it comes to fit-outs, the devil is in the detail. If it’s all about clean lines, that can extend right to the ceiling and plaster-in products are one way of achieving that.

Modern living requires that many devices, from light fittings to presence detectors, smoke alarms to speakers, are fitted into the ceiling. Levello has designed all of its products to have as small a visual impact as possible, giving an almost zero sight line.

Levello’s modular fixing system is designed to make plaster-in light fittings quick to install and limit the amount of fiddly and often messy cutting.

The brand’s patented fixing system helps make installing and changing lights easier with a housing fitted permanently into the ceiling that allows for different styles of fittings or ‘inserts’ to be inserted and held in by magnets. They can also be switched up for a different style, whether it’s a downlight, pendant or spotlight.

Capital Restaurant KnightsbridgeOutlaws Restaurant at the Capital Hotel, Knightsbridge

The Flush range of downlights can cater for almost any installation; the LOW-PROFILE products have been designed for ceiling voids where there is minimal space; the DEEP range are stylish recessed fittings with many different colours to choose from; the DIRECTIONAL products can tilt by 35° and rotate by 360° and are ideal for wall washes or feature lighting. All of the flush range can be IP 65 rated with no visual difference to the other products. There’s also the option to fit accessories such as honeycomb louvres of filters to reduce glare or create other lighting effects.

To cater for different budgets a wide variety of light sources are available as Levello has designed their products around the industry standard 50mm diameter (MR16 / GU10) lamp style. They also offer a range of high CRI light engines where the quality of light is important such as restaurants and high-end properties.

As well as lighting, Levello also offers a range of alarms and detectors, and across its range offers flat-finish and paintable front plates to ensure longevity.

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