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02 Jun 2016

ZIP by Godfrey Syrett

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A series of modular units can be zipped together and unzipped to adapt to the changing needs of the modern workplace

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ZIP is an all-new, highly flexible and innovative modular furniture system designed and manufactured by Godfrey Syrett at its sites in north-east England.

In a UK first, users can zip the modular units together for use, and then unzip them to move or reconfigure the setup as needed. Comprising four modules – a seat, desk, meeting table and touchdown space – ZIP is ready to configure and adapt to your changing needs, and the needs of the rapidly evolving workspace.

The endless potential configurations mean customers can use ZIP to create a seating solution, a private desk or a larger communal area for collaborating as a team. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of environments, from professional, to educational, to public space.

Godfrey Syrett developed the ZIP range following several months of research into workplace environments, requirements and challenges. As a result, it has developed a product that can evolve in line with users’ needs and expectations. ZIP offers a furniture system that can grow and react to the workspace requirements of today and tomorrow.

Watch the video above for more.

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