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27 Apr 2015

Colebrook Bosson Saunders launches Cubert USB light

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Cubert is Colebrook Bosson Saunders' first lighting product and latest edition to its workspace ergonomics range. Combining an LED light, with mains charging and two smart USB ports, Cubert is a convenient desktop companion.

The concept was based around the principle that by combining previously disparate elements in a neat format, the user would be able to create a functional cost effective workstation where mains power, lighting, and personal devices can converge effectively.

Essentially, Cubert is a power supply brought to the user, rather than the other way around. Due to the footprint and weight of Cubert, just 80mm x 80mm and under 1kg, the unit can be placed on the desktop or wherever the user requires. At only 300mm tall, it has a broad light coverage aided by a head that tilts and rotates and is easy to reposition. The close-knit LEDs in the light were designed by lighting specialists to ensure Cubert gave out a cool white, glare-free light and an even distribution of illumination, casting a single shadow.

Externally presented with a minimalistic, aesthetic appeal, the technology housed inside Cubert is both complex and bespoke. Combining various lighting components, cabling, circuit boards and numerous fuses in a compact space was challenging for the designers. All the parts had to be mapped out in a confined space to ensure they fitted together and worked effectively and safely; given the nature of Cubert, its circuitry format does not exist in any other product. The design team also worked with electrical experts to ensure the internal workings met all European and CE standards.

The sleek design, intuitive technology and combination of light and power makes a great addition to the CBS portfolio and is the latest CBS product to receive a Red Dot: Product Design award for a "well-executed aspect of design work".

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