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The concealed grid disguises the fact that the ceiling is suspended Heradesign offers Class A sound absorption, which effectively reduces all intrusive background noise
18 Aug 2014

Law firm judges Heradesign a success

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 Heradesign, a product by Knauf AMF Ceilings, has helped turn a dated commercial block in Liverpool into an inspirational working environment.

The law firm JB Leitch briefed Snook Architects to create an open-plan, flexible office space which expressed the company's modern and confident approach. To achieve this, Neil Dawson of Snook Architects, specified Heradesign for the project.

"We wanted an alternative to the traditional suspended ceiling," he says. "Heradesign ceilings are clever because, although a panelled system, the concealed grid disguises the fact that it is suspended, particularly with the nice chamfer detail on the edge of each panel. Moreover, their natural colour and size softens the feel of the space."

Heradesign, with its unique, organic wood-wool woven surface, helps create an inspiring place to work and meet that has a welcoming ambience for staff and visitors. The aesthetics are not the only characteristic that set Heradesign apart; it offers superior acoustics, fire resistance and ease of installation, too.

Heradesign offers Class A sound absorption, which effectively reduces all intrusive background noise in the open plan areas and ensures meeting rooms remain private. Dawson compliments Heradesign for its acoustic control: "The noise deadening nature of the fibre finish makes it superb for an open office environment."

JB Leitch Practice Manager, Michelle Leitch, is full of praise for the Heradesign ceilings: "I feel the ceiling improves the ambience of our offices tenfold. Noise levels are vastly reduced and the neutral colour adds warmth and depth. The overall effect is not that of a suspended ceiling, but something much more permanent."

The environmental credentials of Heradesign give a further layer of appeal to the product. The wood-wool is sourced from sustainable forests, which are FSC and PEFC certified. Heradesign panels come with a 15 year guarantee and can last for more than 80 years. When the time comes, they can be recycled or disposed of without any detrimental impact on the environment.

To find out how you can bring out the best in your design and create a unique interior with positive room ambience visit or, to request a Heradesign brochure sent direct to your inbox, click here.


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