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Recession renaissance

Recession times are here again and our always innovative designers are dripping in new found austerity chic. onoffice profiles the…
11 May 2009

The wonky world of Bertjan Pot

The Dutch designer comes clean about his new Slim Office and the idea of cynicism in design  Waiting for designer…
11 May 2009

Office design in Mexico, Brazil and Chile

It’s a mighty hulk of a region and home to countless talented architects, so it is no surprise that this…
14 Apr 2009

Turning the tide

Taipei has been described as the ‘ugly duckling’ of Asian capitals. Kris Yao is at the forefront of a generation…
09 Mar 2009

Alain de Botton

"Not being able to feed my cat.” There it was: my fundamental fear of the recession scribbled on a post-it…
09 Mar 2009


Moxon is a curious name for an architecture company, and when you go to their website the mystique continues: a…
09 Mar 2009

Jeffrey Bernett

Jeffrey Bernett is a workplace designer with a foot on either side of the Atlantic. An American who was adopted…
22 Jan 2009

Office partners

They say never work with animals or children. But should you add “your other half” to that list? onoffice finds…
22 Jan 2009

Hans and Franz

When thinking of the inner circle of European signature designers – apart from Konstantin Grcic and, of course, Dieter Rams…
22 Jan 2009

Vince Frost

Talking to Vince Frost on the phone at 9am London time, you can hear waves breaking in the background as…
22 Jan 2009

James Dyson

James Dyson is an extraordinary designer engineer, with a penchant for everyday products. His bagless vacuum cleaner has become a…
15 Oct 2008

Student union

Now in its fourth year, the Smart Office project is not one to pay lip service to the idea of…
15 Oct 2008

Tom Vecchione

Hierarchy is dying at work and Tom Vecchione, director of workplace strategy for Gensler Design and Planning, sees architects and…
15 Oct 2008

A traditional visionary

Antonio Citterio fights off the label of a signature designer. “I’m a banker, you know, or like a guy who…
15 Oct 2008

Sebastian Conran

Sebastian Conran has design pedigree running through his veins. After studying industrial design engineering at the Central School of Design,…
17 Sep 2008

Luke Pearson

Q: PearsonLloyd seems particularly interested in creating furniture for the shared work environment. Why?
17 Sep 2008

Paul Scrivener

I am not big into these rock star architects and designers,” says Paul Scrivener, director of design at London’s market-leading…
17 Sep 2008

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