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06 Aug 2018

100% Design: The understated British designer conquering the workplace

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Making his debut as part of 100% Forward, Daniel Schofield’s understated pieces work as well in the home as in the workplace

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The rise of home-infused office trends and the ensuing blurring of lines between residential and workplace design has long permeated the furniture realm. Some years ago, Daniel Schofield Design would have likely been an outlandish one to feature in a commercial design magazine, but the British designer’s understated Signet table, Clam lights and Crofton stools deserve a spot here today. 

“I believe that no detail should exist without reason, so I take a reductive approach to materials, form and function,” Schofield’s profile states, highlighting a potential conflict between aesthetics and functionality that most definitely does not feature in his work. 

Daniel Schofield Clam

Elegant and slick, the vacuum-formed acrylic Clam lights are designed to split in two to help reduce shipping costs, while the Signet table was created for the “modern live/work lifestyle” and collapses in seconds for easy transport. 

This hybrid approach is perhaps influenced by Schofield’s education background. After leaving school, he studied art and graphic design at Warwickshire College, before embarking on a carpentry apprenticeship, and finally gaining a degree in furniture and product design at Sheffield Hallam University. 

Schofield has since honed his reductive approach to create a celebrated collection of lighting, furniture and tabletop products. He was also selected to participate at this year’s 100% Design as part of a new initiative curated by journalist Barbara Chandler. Selected by Simon Pengelly, who started his career in 1993 at 100% Design, Schofield will exhibit at 100% Forward, alongside seven other emerging design talents. 

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