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22 Nov 2019

Why having plants in the workspace is great for improving mood

Words by  Photo by Patch Plants

Workspace personal trainer, and OnOffice online columnist, Dan Brathwaite explains why having plants in the workspace is great for improving mood

It’s proven that more time spent in nature has major benefits, from productivity to mental wellbeing. Unfortunately for most of us, the spaces we inhabit, including the workplace, tend to be devoid of nature. But, as studies suggest, adding a few plants to our environment could be the missing link.

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Patch Plants, a London-based company, aims to help us find the best plants for our workspace; as well as delivering them to our door, they also give advice on how to look after them. An added benefit of the added greenery, as well improving our mood, is that plants can also help make our workspace more stylish.

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Taking care of plants in your workspace

Choosing the right plant
There are many indoor plants to choose from, but it’s best to pick a species that you feel you can take care of comfortably. Patch Plants has an ‘almost unkillable' indoor plant section of the hardier species of greenery to make things easier.

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Place your plant in the best position
Make sure your plant is placed somewhere that doesn’t interfere with your workflow. Ensure it can get enough light to thrive. And place it somewhere you won't forget about it!

Bond with your plant
The benefits of biophilia are really noticed once you start engaging with your plants. Be sure to feel the soil, stems, and leaves with your fingertips.

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