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14 Aug 2019

Why purpose is key to successful businesses - and how you can find it

Words by  Photo by Mission

Norwegian design agency Mission has just unveiled its latest tome titled Point of Purpose: How purposeful brands attract top employees, seduce customers and fuel profit, catered to the modern leaders, visionaries and innovators of the world.

Highlighting why speaking with purpose and authenticity matters, the book was inspired by Mission co-founder and Scandinavian brand strategist Bård Annweiler's relentless pursuit of knowledge.

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With more than 20 years of experience solving complex problems for clients across the fields of lifestyle, technology and professional services, Annweiler shares personal observations and insights in a compact guide on how to drive efficient workplaces, nurture positive culture, motivate high-performing employees and engage loyal customers.

 Point of Purpose book by Bård Annweiler

"So many brands have adopted a false identity to make them look cooler, smarter, more exotic. Purpose comes from within, it’s about being true to yourself and, therefore, creating a naturally authentic brand," says Annweiler.

An ode to purpose-driven work and the power of community, the book urges companies to rethink outdated communication styles and learn how to connect with all kinds of people authentically. "Branding is much broader," says the company, "It permeates internal employee culture and investor relations alike, on a level that is much deeper and more meaningful."

Empowering leaders to embrace a new kind of brand leadership, Point of Purpose is a reflective journey through the worlds of business, purposefully pointing to hard work and conscious leadership, rather than mere luck, to create engaged customers and employees. In an increasingly competitive world, discovering and defining a meaningful purpose is needed to create direction and, as a result, form organisations where employees can flourish by contributing towards a bigger, more meaningful raison d'être. 

Point of Purpose book by Bård Annweiler

Today, a powerful purpose might just be the most crucial element to success, Annweiler says. "Purpose leads to strength and resilience. Whenever there’s conflicting opinions, it’s the deciding factor. Whenever someone is unsure about taking a risk, it’s the safety net. Whenever things get hard, it’s the reason why employees go the extra mile. For centuries purpose has inspired great things. It’s the reason why explorers crossed oceans, why man made it to the moon, and why we help others in need. Unwavering purpose is the key to success as you navigate through times of change."

Purchase a copy of Point of Purpose: How purposeful brands attract top employees, seduce customers and fuel profit here.

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