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14 Dec 2018

Flexible-office future trends point to market growth

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Why co-working is going from strength to strength

With more and more of us now co-working, the flexible office sector looks set to grow next year. That’s according to the people at Workthere, a brokerage service for businesses looking for workspace.

And there are a number of co-working trends we can all look forward to next year. The most intriguing is the idea of increased globalisation; that companies will be offering their workforce the opportunity to pick and choose where they work around the world.

With brands both here and overseas opting to open offices in various finance and business hubs across the globe, there’s nothing to stop any of us going to (co) work in a major city in Europe or North America.

Then there’s the idea of what Workthere calls “sector niches”, whereby co-working spaces are run along specialist lines; retail, fashion, food. There have even been cases of female only schemes. Apparently spaces with on-site crèche or nursery facilities are going to be big next year.

Landlords are expected to become more directly involved in the co-working market, delivering their own space and, if they really know what they’re doing, upping the hospitality and service on offer, bringing their own individual identity to proceedings, to the benefit of their clients.

This will all mean increased competition of course, and Workthere warns there could well be some workspace providers falling by the wayside, wrong-footed by market demands.

Cal Lee, global head of Workthere, sums it all up: “This year there have been particular question marks over the sustainability of the serviced office sector, due to its somewhat rapid renaissance over the last five years. However, the flexible office market continues to go from strength to strength and its irreversible impact on the overall workspace has secured its position in the long term.”

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