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16 Oct 2018

Practice Playlist: Gpad London

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The designers at Gpad London start off with a relaxed soundtrack that sets the tone for the rest of the week

Gpad London is a growing architecture and interior design practice based in Old Street, London. 

Its approach focuses on creating high-quality architecture that provides simple elegant solutions sympathetic to the context of each site. Well-considered materials root the buildings, both residential and commercial, in context. 

Gpad’s Concordia Works workspace in Leeds won a BCO award in 2017, while its brick and bronze-clad Wittering House in north London won top prize at this year’s Evening Standard New Homes Awards. 

This is our typical Monday morning playlist, to get us focused. A mix of downtempo electronica with a hint of soul and reggae, with a decent beat that gets our creative juices flowing.

Our work is fast-paced so a playlist that’s stimulating but not distracting is important. As the week progresses things step up a notch, with heavy metal and drum and bass influences coming in.

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