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06 Aug 2018

Practice Playlist: Casa Botelho

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In every issue OnOffice partners with one practice or studio to bring you some banging tunes to brighten up your workday. This time: Casa Botelho

Interiors specialist Casa Botelho, who will be exhibiting at 100% Design, listens to sounds as romantic as the studio’s designs

Manufacturing the right mood

Founded by Brazilian-born João Botelho in 2016, Casa Botelho is a bespoke furniture manufacturer and interior design practice based in east London. 

With a focus on handcrafted detail, Casa Botelho’s furniture is glamorous, sumptuous and seductive, playing with scale, texture, reflective surfaces and moody tones. 

The company also works on interiors projects in which every design is bespoke to the client.

Slightly eclectic but romantic, Casa Botelho sets out to bring drama and sensuality back into the modern interior. The delicate, passionate and soulful tones of this playlist are a perfect representation of the seductive aura of Casa Botelho designs, and the mood João Botelho brings to his projects.

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