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27 Apr 2018

Practice Playlist: Hût

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In every issue OnOffice partners with one practice or studio to bring you some banging tunes to brighten up your work day. This time: Hût.

Category: Opinion

The music playing in the Shoreditch offices of architecutre firm Hût echoes its mix of elegance and east London eclecticism. 

Established in 2002, Hût is an award winning architectural practice based in Shoreditch, east London. Among it's recent projects are British Land's Appold Studio's workplace. 

The practices's name highlights its beleif that a simple, refined approach produces the most elegant designs. The everyday and familiar are reimagined to produce an architecture that delights and surprises.

An electric mix here, that reflects the multi-faceted team members at Hût. What the team do outside the studio – whether dance, screen printing, photography, product dessign or cooking – they bring into the studio through noise. 

These tracks complement the ethos of Hût which is to work fastidiously but under a calm veil...Excluding Big L's 'Da Graveyard' that is. That's saved for the ping pong tournaments!

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