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The sales office is located in the eastern Chinese city of Heze|||
The sales office is located in the eastern Chinese city of Heze
01 Apr 2020

Puri Lighting create a Malevich-inspired fantasia of reflecting lights

Words by  Photo by Ligang Huang

The Beijing-based lightning designers has transformed a lakeside office building into a riot of illuminations

Puri Lighting Design has transformed a spare modernist building into an illusionistic fantasia. Heze Guanzgzhou Road No.1, in the eastern Chinese city of Heze, is a sales office for a local real estate company.

Inspired in part by the intersecting geometric shapes of the Russian supremacist painter Vladmir Malevich, Puri’s design uses a combination of ‘warm yellow’ and ‘full-colour’ to create a dream-like tableaux.

56090 main 4698 1 56090 sc v2comThe interior contains numerous contrasting surfaces. Photo: Ligang Huang

The office is entered through a portal itself surrounded by dozens of light bulbs. Inside, trios of lamps are arranged along vertical rails at different angles, to allow for an ambition of ambient and accent lighting. Interior design features, such as the red carpet of the negotiation area, become magnified and emphasised by their illumination.

The building’s glass walls allow for the lights within to be visible day and night, and a surrounding pool of water mirrors the lights to a mirage-like effect. The designers have used the reflective qualities of stainless steel to reflect light outside, preventing a dazzle effect.

56091 main 4698 1 56091 sc v2comThe building serves as an office for a developer. Photo: Ligang Huang

Serving as something of a showpiece for the Puri Lighting — "Here Guangzhou Road No.1," the firm writes, "has been destined to start an attempt and exploration of actuating the light potential which starts from vision but goes beyond vision" — the building has already won several awards. These include Best Use of Light at the 2020 Frame Awards and the prize for Environment Lighting at the LIT Awards 2019.

56095 main 4698 1 56095 sc v2comThe illuminations spotlight the colours of the building's interior fixtures. Photo: Ligang Huang

Since its establishment in 2010 by the lighting designer Hu Fang, the Beijing-based Puri Lighting has blazed a trial across China’s architectural landscape. Fusing research and experiment, it has lit a panoply of buildings and interiors across the country. Recent projects include curving strips of white light for the Zhongzun Time Square development in Chongqing, and golden highlights for the Luneng Jinshitan Hilton in Dalian.

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