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25 Jul 2019

How to keep cool in the office during the heatwave

Words by  Photo by Ethan Sykes

Some parts of the UK are predicted to have their hottest ever July day, with temperatures set to hit 39C in London. Dehydration is a major risk factor in the hot weather and it will impair your concentration - so take a look at our suggestions for keeping cool at work.

air quality purifier pure cool me variant airflow control whsilDyson Pure Cool Me

A fan is an essential in this weather – and given the likelihood of continued high temperatures, it makes sense to invest in one to last. Dyson launched its Pure Cool Me (£299) in April with the changing office in mind. As well as providing cool air in a stream you direct by rolling the dome in the centre, the device also purifies the air, meaning the jet you’re directing at yourself isn’t the same hot office air being churned through. Burnt coconut shells provide the activated carbon filter that helps remove pollution particles for a cleaner jet of air to keep you cool.

Sowden Bottle Family HAY ONOFFICESowden bottle family by Hay

Keeping hydrated when you’re losing water through sweat is essential to keep the brain functioning well and will help concentration. Keep your water cool with a thermally insulated flask – the Sowden from Hay (£29.98) is designed by George Sowden, one of the founders of the Memphis Group, so will look particularly stylish on your desk. For something portable, there’s the Nomu flask from Alessi (£45). Designed by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, this petite flask will keep drinks cool for hours.

0003 NF04 pack A4 3500pxl copyThe Nomu flask by Alessi

This ice pack from Green Tulip (£12) are designed for keeping your lunch cool without getting it wet from the condensation, thanks to the recycled PET cases. A pair of them would also work as a cooling wrist rest, as would these mini ice packs with colourful fruit designs (£8.99 for eight). Applying ice (or cold water) to your pulse points is a surefire way to help cool yourself down more quickly.

ice packs shaped like fruit ONOFFICE copyIce packs by Artlily

A quick spray of cooling mist at your desk will give you an instant (albeit temporary) feeling of cooling down. There are plenty of cooling mists available, including this ‘magic’ spray, Evian's large facial spray (£11.99), ones with menthol for an extra cool sensation, or get yourself a refillable mist bottle like this one.

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