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05 Dec 2018

Vedanta's new London office trips the light fantastic

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Nulty light show adds extra dimensions to Vedanta’s new London HQ

When global mining and metals company Vedanta were looking to spruce up their new London HQ, they enlisted the help of lighting specialists Nulty to create a system able to transform and open up space throughout the office and boardrooms at the touch of a wireless tablet.

Teaming up with office interior specialists Modus and designer DaeWha Kang, Nulty made use of mirrors (lots of them), low-glare spotlights, downlights, uplights with crystals and a DMX control system to allow interplay between the different levels of lighting.

Nulty1The moon is blue. Or red. Or whatever you fancy

Best of all are the huge, multi-functional elliptical lights, 1,250mm by 750mm, known as moons (though the chairman has one all to himself in his office known as a sun; 1,800mm in diameter and surrounded by 30 spotlights).

Designed by Nulty Bespoke, they can change colour and form a dramatic central point of the overall structure. Partition walls can be moved back into their own pockets to convert smaller rooms into one large single space, spectacularly lit up by 15 moons and that sun.

Nulty2A formal meeting room can become an informal event space within moments

It all feels fantastically futurist, like a set from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but there’s a warmth and wonderfully calming feel to everything too, the pools of light enveloping the space with a warm glow.

Never mind an office, you could easily make yourself quite a home here. And indeed you can. One of the meeting room doubles up as a bedroom, with a bed tucked away in a wall, ready to be gently drop into place as and when needed.

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