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15 Nov 2018

Movember's London head office gets the CCWS Interiors treatment (again)

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Men’s health charity the Movember Foundation has enlisted the help of CCWS Interiors to carry out a major upgrade of their London head office

It’s the second time the office design specialists, whose CV includes the Hakkasan Group and Royal Mail, have picked up a Movember call. Clearly they left a pretty good impression after transforming the charity’s Farringdon headquarters in just six weeks in 2016.

With some 6,000 square feet of open-plan space to play with, CCWS’s David Keane and Amy Elliott were briefed to create an inspirational environment that reflected the Movember spirit and personality, one able to ‘expand and contract’ during busy campaign periods (and not just in November) and to provide a hub for both the regular staff and for visiting international teams.

Ditching the traditional one desk for one employee model, a more flexible approach saw the introduction of shared desk space and a series of side booths allowing quieter work and/or quick catch-up meeting areas.

Not that the more formal aspects of everyday office life have been completely abandoned. We all have to smarten up occasionally (even if we don’t have to go clean shaven).

The Tom Selleck and Freddie Mercury rooms can be closed off and used as standard meeting spaces, but even they look a pretty good place to have a party. There’s also a Charlie Chaplin and Eisenstein Room but not, as yet, a Ron Burgundy one.

All rustic wood, soft-furnished breakout areas and exposed metal fixtures, the space feels part Manhattan loft, part techie start-up, part artisanal caff and wholly Movember, subtly branded with the signature moustache logo throughout and full of witty little details that echo the charity’s celebrated quirkiness and humour.

It’s an environment that encourages conversation, interaction and ideas; the perfect place to dream up another successful, innovative campaign.

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