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13 Nov 2018

AllesWirdGut deftly redesigns Austria's permanent representation in Brussels

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The new lay-out uses russet-coloured curtains to create an adaptable space. 

Vienna and Munich-based architecture firm AllesWirdGut has unveiled a full redesign of the Permanent Austrian Representation in Brussels, in the Belgian capital’s EU quarter.

Adjacent to the monumental Parc du Cinquantenaire, the previously functional premises have been comprehensively transformed into a showcase for traditional Austrian craftsmanship.

482 BRU F06The new design uses warmly-hued curtains to divide the space, which can be opened up for large events. Photograph © tschinkersten fotografie, 2018

AllesWirdGut has granted the site — which includes an auditorium for talks, conference and meeting rooms and areas for focused work — a consistent colour tone of russets and dun. There are light wooden floors, patinated brass fixtures and chairs upholstered in warm leather.

Restrictive internal walls have been replaced by an enormous system of textile curtains, allowing each area to be connected for large-scale events and separated into discrete spaces. Much of the furnishing was designed in Austria.

482 BRU F14A 'piazza' area for casual meetings and concentrated work includes an array of Austrian furniture. Photograph © tschinkersten fotografie, 2018

AllesWirdGut (‘everything will be ok’) is one of Austria’s leading architecture firms. Founded in 1999, its projects have included the Centre for Technology and Design in St Pölten, the refugee-run Magdas Hotel in Vienna, and Niederösterreich House in Krems, Austria’s largest passive-house office building. 

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