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11 Sep 2018

Alma-nac architects convert industrial building into quirky workspace with photo studio

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A photography studio inside a former industrial building in South London boasts unfinished materials, artist interventions and a lightning bolt-shaped light

Award-winning London-based architects alma-nac has recently converted a 420sqm industrial space in Dulwich, into a 600sqm photography studio, workshop and office space for It’s The Flash Pack.

Featuring a stylish blend of unfinished materials, contemporary interventions and cost-efficient lighting, the new space is divided by a free-standing steel frame mezzanine dressed in a semi translucent polycarbonate sheet. A workspace with wooden desks sits atop the upper mezzanine level, while at ground level, this added frame forms a double-height breakout area and lobby. Suspended beneath is also a black and white ceiling, which inverts colour and lighting styles between the kitchen and photography space.

alma nac office design mezzanine green stairsA green stair punches through a polycarbonate-clad steel frame

Throughout the studio, a material created from recycled chopping boards is used to create bespoke furniture, work pods, seating, planters and a kitchen surface. Linear fluorescent lights have been suspended to form a lightning bolt over the main shared workspace, echoing the existing industrial lighting of the office conversion.

To complement the rich materiality within the space, alma-nac has also resorted to a clever use of colour, which manifests itself through the choice of furniture but also the artistic interventions on the walls throughout.

photostudio recycled office desksThe new office studio features cost-efficient lighting and wooden desks

Caspar Rodgers, Director at alma-nac said: "This was a low cost design with a big ambition to create a fun, personable workspace. This was achieved, in part, through the contrast of quirky, recycled and colourful materials with inexpensive industrial building techniques."

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