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27 Apr 2017

Office for Strategic Spaces makes room for Playstation in Factoría Cultural Matadero

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Creative industries incubator space in Madrid, completed in 2014, accommodates the video company behind a curtain for privacy

Architecture practice Office for Strategic Spaces has expanded its creative industries incubator space in Madrid with the addition of a unit for Playstation.

The space, Factoría Cultural Matadero, was completed in 2014, with the intention that its uses and spaces would mutate over time. The firm has now adapted the building to incorporate the video games company, which required a flexible space and the possibility of a visual barrier for privacy during times when it would be testing new products.

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The intervention needed to be reversible and unexpensive, so the architects made a curtain out of a recycled boat sail and added two red velvet pieces as an ‘ironic gesture’ to mark the entrances to the area.

Overall, the building uses few, cheap, and easy to install materials – local pine lumber in standard sizes and lightweight, multi-wall polycarbonate, which allowed for the walls to be finished in one day. It was designed to create as many different work areas as possible to adapt to different needs.

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And the project is reversible intervention, inside the existing Matadero Madrid, an industrial architectural heritage site – if the Factoría's activity ceases, it can be removed without waste.

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