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21 Feb 2017

Edge creates ‘shared home’ for newly merged companies

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London HQ for digital agency SapientRazorfish is a space for collaboration, skills-sharing and flexible working

Category: Interiors

Architecture practice Edge has created a new headquarters in London for SapientRazorfish, a new company that is the result of a merger between two digital consultancies.

The brief was to create a ‘shared home’ in the unused basement of an existing building – a space for collaboration, skills-sharing and flexible working.

In response, Edge created ‘maker spaces’ that enable co-creation and collaboration. Furnished eclectically, this offers a variety of set-ups to support differing needs and ways of working.

The light-filled, sky-lit conservatory is a permanent work area, while the rest is for flexible use. A multipurpose events space features sliding walls, curtains and digital screens and there is also a place for group sessions and a quieter, lower-lit section for reflection and refreshment.

Edge’s founder Racheal Cadey said: ‘At the heart of this was the need to create a shared space that amplified the agency’s innovative and highly creative ethos – the live theatre concept with its eclectic, multi-function design has taken a dead space into one where innovative thinking lives, inspires and get results.’

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