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11 Oct 2016

Typeform office, Barcelona: 'If it resembles an office, we’ve utterly failed'

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Lagranja Design Studio on its plant-filled headquarters for the tech start-up

Lagranja Design Studio’s latest project is a new headquarters in Barcelona for rapidly-growing tech start-up Typeform. To suit the company’s informal ethos, the Spanish practice designed a suitably unconventional office, complete with 810 plants and bespoke lighting.

Typeform 2

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At the entrance, arrivals are greeted by a bar – a place to have breakfast, a beer, to meet guests or to gather spontaneously. Above this, as elsewhere, are potted plants – lending visual relief to a context that might otherwise be dominated by screens.

Typeform 4

Typeform 5

One of the central spaces is the ‘agora’: three semi-circular grandstand levels covered with pine wood that provide room for presentations and sharing of information. Behind this area is an open kitchen, where staff can eat together. Quieter spaces can be found in the three colourful meetings rooms, or in the work spaces divided by curtains that also work as light diffusers.

Typeform 6

Typeform 7

Wooden table lamps help create a domestic atmosphere, while larger lighting features that resemble clouds reference the digital world that the company operates in.

‘Typeform has been designed to have the freedom of choosing where to work, whether at the table, discussing in the agora, lying on the hammocks or having a beer at the bar-reception,’ explains Lagranja. ‘It isn’t an office – and if it resembles one, we’ve utterly failed.

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