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06 Sep 2016

Book review: Blueprints for creativity

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In their new book, Kursty Groves and Oliver Marlow explore the relationship between physical design and inspiration in the workspace

The pace, complexity and scale of the problems that organisations face on a daily basis requires innovation to survive and flourish,” say Kursty Groves and Oliver Marlow in the introduction to their new book, Spaces For Innovation.


Building on research commissioned by innovation foundation Nesta, Groves and Marlow tackle the science behind designing workspaces of the future – spaces that inspire users to create and innovate.


The two authors – Groves is a workplace innovation consultant and Marlow is creative director with Studio TILT – explore the close-linked relationships between innovation, creativity, workplace strategy and people-focused design by tackling ten core themes. The complex ideas remain accessible, however, and the book engages through in-depth interviews and case studies. The sheer variety of workspaces and perspectives covered is a definite plus.


Another of the book’s strengths is that it actually mimics a creative thought process. Strategic questions and footnotes guide readers to other sections of the book and info boxes encourage further investigation – readers are led by their ideas rather than following a linear route through the chapters. A system of icons that has been developed by the authors maintains clarity, defining the different articles types and identifying interviews, case studies and themes.

Spaces For Innovation was released by Frame Publishing on June 14, priced £25

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